What is a Team?

A team is a group of individuals that work together! They understand their collective goal, vision, and mission. They know that the objective is worth achieving. They know the objective is worth the fight.

A team has people who see the need and importance of each single member. They know each member brings a unique skill set to the table that is needed to achieve the desired goal.

A team is aligned in the same goal. Working together towards this common goal produces synergy and efficiency. A team can undoubtedly produce at levels that are not attainable by an individual effort.

A team is accountable to one another and the organization for the sake of the common mission.

4 Essential Aspects of a Team

  • Purpose: A clear understanding of the purpose of working together.
  • Humility: Each team member understands their need for each other. They see value in one another’s skills and expertise.
  • Cooperation: The team is in agreement that working together will result in increased efficiency.
  • Accountability: What’s inspected is respected.





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