How to set a goal and achieve it

  1. Define your goal
  2. Write out your strategy
  3. Anticipate problems: Write them down and don’t be surprised when they come
  4. Have reserves both financially and emotionally
  5. Relate your goal to a specific time frame
  6. Action: Do something today!

Why do we fail to achieve goals?

  1. We are not clear on what we want
  2. The goal is complex, not easy to understand or execute. Keep it simple!
  3. We procrastinate and never actually get started
  4. We make excuses and find people who will believe our sad story when we share it AGAIN & AGAIN! Stop telling your old sad story and create a new story!
  5. Failing to anticipate problems: You must understand that problems are normal. Be ready for problems. Deal with it head on and stay on track
  6. No accountability: Find someone to keep you accountable
  7. Relate your goal to a date and deadline. Example: I will complete this goal by Wednesday at noon
  8. Do something today: Stop talking about it and move, take action

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