Church members say the most amusing things. Here are some:

  1. I listened to Famous Preacher X preach on that very same passage and he seemed to emphasize another point more than you did.
  2. Pastor, I know you’re getting ready to preach in a few minutes, but do you mind if I have a minute?
  3. Pastor, I know you’re getting ready to preach, however, I thought you should know the bathroom toilet is not working.
  4. Pastor, I really like that hymn we sang today just not the way we sang it.
  5. Pastor, do you know what I really like about this church? You don’t talk about giving much.
  6. Pastor, your message on Church Membership was good but you should understand that I am part of the global church.
  7. Pastor, it has been a few months since you invited me to your house for dinner, did I do something wrong?
  8. Pastor, I think we should spend some of our financial resources in this direction and understand that I do tithe!
  9. You have really grown as a Pastor and you are getting much better.
  10. Can you ask your Elders to follow up with me when you get a chance?

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