Does Your Leadership Team Exercise Maturity While Using Social Media Platforms? Part 1

Maturity for some, well, it’s like the color gray. How many shades of gray does your team play with? We have all been there when someone on the team lets a post get out of control on Social Media and it garners attention and a high response.

The calls and emails begin to trickle in. The dialogue starts something like this, “Hey Pastor, what do you think about that post on Facebook?”  Immediately, you get a front row seat and begin to gauge the perceptions of those who have brought the matter to your attention.

Your next move is to view the post yourself and you find yourself perplexed. Wondering, what in the world was my leader thinking!  Just when you think it could not get any worse it does. Your leader has decided to respond to each person who disagreed with him and he does so publically for all to see.

Clearly, he is passionate about his position and even uses Bible verses to drive home the point! Much of what was said was true, yet it was not so much what was said but how it was said.

Eventually, the post loses steam and it’s no longer a subject matter for the masses, yet it has not left your mind. As a Pastor, you know you must have a conversation with this leader.

You desire to show your leader a more excellent way.  You begin the dialogue and quickly you realize your leader thinks he did a good thing! Of course, he recognizes he got a little heated but he lets you know that Apostle Paul got heated on many occasions as well.

Trying to keep the meeting on track and knowing this is a coaching opportunity, you thank him for his zeal and love for the truth and you remind him of what God’s Word says as it pertains to grace. You share with this brother that we are to use both Grace & Truth. You point this brother to verses on humility and the fruit of the spirit. He nods his head up and down and then says the unthinkable.

“Pastor, I think we see Social Media and the use of it differently!”

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