Learning from Marriott Hotels

My wife Louise and I recently traveled to Scottsdale, AZ so that I could be seen for a medical procedure. When we travel we do our best to find a Marriott Hotel, consider us the loyal customer type! Our recent hotel stay reminded us why we chose Marriott.

As we walked up to the property a man immediately said, “Hello, welcome to Marriott. We are glad you are here. Can I take your bags and replace it with a bottle of water?” Our next stop, checking into the hotel. A young lady said, “We are glad you chose to stay with us.” She continued, “Thanks for your loyalty to us here at the Marriott. Because of that loyalty, we have upgraded your room. Enjoy your stay with us, we are glad you are here.”

After a long day of travel, we both slept great that night. As I made my way to the bathroom in the morning, I saw a bug scurry across the floor. It was so large it looked like you could put a saddle on it. He had a few friends with him and they were not in the mood for company so they made a break for it and held up under the bathroom sink.

Immediately, I thought to myself if Louise has the same encounter I just had, she may have died of a heart attack or certainly let a scream rip so loud the entire Scottsdale community would hear of it! Without sharing the details with Louise, I made my way back to the lobby and advised the front desk of my findings.

The young lady at the front desk was gracious and compassionate. She said, “Mr. Moulton I am so sorry this happened to you. We want to make sure you and your wife have a great stay with us. Allow us to make this up to you.” She immediately waived the room charges for that night and then proceeded to upgrade our room yet again to one of their largest suites. We continued our lengthy stay with no other encounters with bugs.

We did start to notice that this hotel had a commitment to excellence and the staff was friendly, very friendly. It was the kind of staff who seemed happy to be at work. You don’t see that every day! But then my wife watched a new employee being trained by the pool. His task, make sure all the pool lounge chairs are even or in a straight line. From the naked eye, they all looked straight to us.

The person doing the training said the words to the new employee that floored us. He said, “Every detail matters, it all matters.” The person doing the training then proceeded to move the chair about a half inch forward. There you have it, modeling the little things because details do indeed matter at the JW Marriott Camelback Inn.

Here is what I learned from my experience at Marriott

  • The front desk person was trained to listen to the entire story
  • The front desk person was trained to take responsibility
  • The front desk person was able to make a decision on the spot, to right the situation and satisfy the client
  • It is possible to have happy employees who love their jobs
  • Employees are trained to understand that little details matter

There would be some that say a hotel is a hotel, they are all the same. Louise and I would beg to differ. Little things do indeed matter and doing the little things adds up in this case to a client for life. Well done Marriott!

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