Pastors, such as myself, are not oblivious on how to get their church fired up with countless Amen’s and the occasional person shouting, “Preach it brother, preach!”  Here are a few ways to achieve this in my home church:


  • Say something positive about President Ronald Reagan. For some conservatives, Reagan should be part of the monument at Mt. Rushmore.
  • Say something negative about liberals.
  • With much bravado and intensity say something like, “We need to fight to keep prayers in our schools, let’s not let “them” take what is ours.” (Funny, call a prayer meeting at church and see who actually shows up.)


This is hardly articulate, I know, and perhaps a bit of hyperbole; however, I trust you get the gist of my approach here.

Pastor Jim Cymbala said something from the pulpit one time that floored me. He said, “I did not come here today to get amens, I have a bunch of those stored up from the last time I preached.” His point was, think about what gets you fired up and I did not come here for man’s approval.

Can I get real with you?   

What if your Pastor said Matthew 28 calls every single believer to make disciples. How are you doing with this mandate? Step right up, each one of you in the congregation, and give an account of who it is you are currently discipling. That’s right, step right up to the platform and provide names.

Ephesians 4:11-12 says that the church, the Christians, are to equip and train the other Christians to do the work of the ministry. How is that going for you today? Step right up and give an account. Who is it you’re training? Give me names.

I doubt the hallelujah choir would give you a church clap. They may, however, pick up a stone and hurl it at you. Now, I know we would never actually throw a stone, but we may consider getting into our cars after the service and say to our significant other things such as:

-That was a bit harsh and legalistic.

-It’s a busy season for me, but I am all over that once things slow down.

– That’s what we pay the pastor to do. It seems as if he is asking us to do his work.

-Maybe the Pastor woke up on the wrong side of the bed. He will go back to being normal next week.


The reality is each one of us will be held accountable to making disciples and training those same disciples for the work of the ministry. It has been said that disciples make disciples. Is that you? Are you making disciples? To bottom line this, if you’re in Christ and you’re NOT making disciples you need to start.

Here are ten things you can do to move toward obedience.

  1. Get discipled yourself and have the person discipling you train you on how to disciple as well.
  2. Be praying for a person or two that you can disciple. Ask God to reveal that person(s) to you.
  3. Have a plan? Time, Location, approved resource from your church.
  4. Have a prayer partner and mentor that will help you to develop as a leader/discipler.
  5. Select a resource that is gospel saturated and has questions to be answered at the end of short chapters. This is helpful to providing structure and guard rails.
  6. Start on time and finish on time. (My groups last one hour and fifteen minutes.)
  7. Allow ample time for questions, and not just questions about the resource.
  8. Be patient. It takes time for relationships to develop.
  9. Listen intently and take notes. The person you are discipling may need some help in certain areas, such as finance, sexual sin, anger, conversion, etc. Find and locate bible verses and articles that will support this person and, of course, begin teaching your disciple how to hunt and gather for himself.
  10. Thank God for the joy of being in gospel ministry. What a privilege it is to be used by God!

I like a good church clap just like the rest of us, however, better than a church clap is to hear the words of my Lord and Savior, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.” Faithful servants and faithful to the word of God, and the word of God is crystal clear as it says, “Go, and make disciples!”

Let’s Go!

Charlie Moulton

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